Monday, March 18, 2013

Rice Institute to Be Represented at Meet

For the second time in a week, the chemistry department at Rice makes news! This time, faculty members will be heading to Boston, while their college Professor Chandler from the Biology department will be in NY.

Rice Institute to Be Represented at Meet 9/10/1939

Two Rice Institute faculty members will represent Rice at the ninety-eighth national meeting of the American Chemical Society, in be held Monday through Friday in Boston, Mass.

Chemistry Tower
Rice University
From Rice Yearbook 1938

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Dr. Winfred O. Milligan, research assistant in. chemistry, will present a paper at the conference, Monday morning, before the division of colloid chemistry. His topic is "Electron Diffraction Studies on the Hydrous Oxides Amorphous to, X-Rays." The speech reports on research work that Doctor Milligan has completed at Rice Institute, in collaboration with Dr. Harry B Weiser, dean and professor of chemistry.

Dr. Allen Garrison assistant professor of chemical engineering will represent Rice, along with Doctor Milligan, at the conference and the two will attend a meeting of the National Research Council committee on the application of X-Rays to chemistry and chemical technology, Wednesday, in Boston.

Ethel with afore mentioned Dean and Chemistry Department
 profesor Harry B. Weiser at graduation, June 1940.

The scrapbook articles so far, portray Ethel as a serious aspiring reporter. Today, on my other blog, Past-Present-Future, I shared a lighter side of Ethel. As part of an ongoing series commemorating Women's History Month spearheaded by  +Lisa Alzo's. Today's prompt was: Social Butterflies, and I couldn't resist including the story about Ethel under that prompt, although it really should have been posted as part of Ethel's Scrapbook. Do make sure to check out! Day 17: Fearless Females: Social Butterfly? Very Fishy! 


  1. I wonder what Ethel would have made of the place I work

    1. I bet she would have loved it! May some of her Dean's research was the foundation of the high tech stuff you do with X-Rays today!

  2. Ethel is stunningly beautiful and stunningly smart to be a chemistry major at Rice. I'll bet all her professors were impressed and surprised. I look forward to reading what she does next.

    And Rice is a long way from Boston! A big trip, in those days.

    1. She was really beautiful wasn't she? And extremely smart. Remember she was only 14 when she started college! She never gave herself credit for any of that though. It's more like Boston is far away from Houston. Ethel was a native Houstonian. (She was born in NH but moved to Houston at the age of two). She did join her children in Boston toward the end of her life, but spent 68 years in Houston.


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