Monday, July 15, 2013

Full Page of Photos from Rice's Registration Day 1939

Special treat! A full page of photographs to go with Ethel's article from the same day, with a description of who is in the photos!

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Friday September 15th, 1939

Here are a few of the scenes at Rice Institute Thursday morning as registration of 1300 undergraduates began. Most of the early registrations were members of the incoming freshman class.

Top left: Scene of bustling enrollment activity, with professors and department heads assisting the new students to choose their courses. Samuel G. McCann, registrar, is shown at left supervising the enrollment in his office. 

Top Right: Frank Cook and R. A. Stamey, Jr., Houston Sophomores, marking their choice of courses as they sat on the ledge at the front of the administration building.

Central left: Martha Ann Picton, at right, a June graduate of rice appeared at the registration desk with her younger sister, Grace, in the center, who is enrolling at Rice as a freshman. At the left is shown Betty Ruth Robbins, another new student.

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Center right: A group of pretty Rice undergraduates walking from the parking lot to the registration desk. Left to right are shown Grace Ellen McIntyre, Margie Boyd, Betty Gartner, Jeanette Stephenson and Mary Margaret Raymond. 

Bottom left: ONe of the registration groups includes Bill Bryant and Margie Boyd, standing, and Pady Sue Whitecomb and Jeanette Stephenson, seated, from left to right. 

Bottom right: Seated on the lawn between academic quadrangle and the cloisters, upperclassmen plan courses. Left to right are shown David Johnston, John Sanders, Joe Baird and Sam Kohen.


  1. Cool that she recorded everyone in the photos.

    1. It is neat that she recorded everyone. Maybe one day their descendants will enjoy this posting! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Back in those days, college was a much simpler rite of passage than it is now. All these new first-year students look really happy and bubbling with anticipation!


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